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Welcome to our Star Wars Role Playing Game Information site.

Our aim is to provide useful resources to GM's running Fantasy Flight's RPG Star Wars game using all three core rulebooks and expansion rulesets.

What do we have so far...

A new Cheat Sheet has been created to help both GM's and Players alike in finding often used rules and dice rolls.

Cheat Sheet

Here are the first searchable tables we've made available.

Adventure Seeds

Modular Encounters

Planets & Resources

Allies & Adversaries






Career Rules


What's new?

We're continuing to add more and more data to the database and all will be searchable in a similar way to the pages above. The latest updates include:

Database Version 10

Cheat Sheet v1

I'm happy to open up a new Cheat Sheet for new and old players and GM's to take advantage of. This will grow over time to add other common tables to speed up your games.


More Online Tools

There are plenty of other resources online for Game Masters and Players alike. Here are some of my favourites

Other Resources