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Database Version 15

Database Version 14

Cheat Sheet v6

Database Version 13

Cheat Sheet v5

Database Version 12

Cheat Sheet v4

Errors Fixed

Database Version 11

Cheat Sheet v3

Website Update

Cheat Sheet v2

Database Version 10

Cheat Sheet v1

I'm happy to open up a new Cheat Sheet for new and old players and GM's to take advantage of. This will grow over time to add other common tables to speed up your games.

Dynamic Data part 12

You are now able to search for primary and secondary Career Types on the Career table.

Database Version 9

Database Version 8

Dynamic Data part 11

You can now search for any gear and filter by career, career type etc...

Dynamic Data part 10

You can now search for your desired species. We have included a house rule of 'Career Type' to ease the discovery of your best fit. As ever, still a work in progress.

Allies & Adversaries now has a search field for 'Available As A Card'. For those of you who have the game cards, restricting NPC's to these cards can be a great way to introduce new players - or simply make your games run faster.

Dynamic Data part 9

Fixed searching by price for vehicles.

Career Rules now have associated Career Types to allow an easier way to find relevant rules.

Added the ability to quick search purchasable creature Mounts in the Allies and Adversaries page.

Database Version 7

Database Version 6

Dynamic Data part 8

You can now search for your desired career. We have included a house rule of primary and secondary 'Career Type' to ease the discovery of your best fit.

The only careers currently featured are from the three core books, but the rest will be updated soon.

This is added with the view to create a rapid character creation tool - watch this space.

We have also added the list of career rules so you can easily find that dice table for that specific craft or task you've lost track of.

Dynamic Data part 7

The vehicles, vehicle attachments, weapons, armours and attachments pages have all begun to start showing the item special properties. This is a work in progress but you'll find all the core rulesets have been completed for now.

Database Version 5

Dynamic Data part 6

The vehicle database page has had an update to include a pre-programmed search to find starter ships for each of the three core rulesets.

Database Version 4

Dynamic Data part 5

The armour page is now live as is the asociated wepaons and armour attachments list.

We also have the Allies & Adversaries table up and running.

Finally we have a number of QoL improvements including access to relevant 3rd party community services linked on each database page.

Dynamic Data part 4

The planets page has been updated to include a resources table with a bunch of house-rule prices in for individual units or cargo boxes that we use for Hyperlane trading.

Dynamic Data part 3

The modular encounters and planets page has been added to the growing list of searchable databases

Database Version 3.5

Dynamic Data part 2

The adventure seeds page has been created joining the weapons to give you some taste of what's to come.

Dynamic Data part 1

The weapons page has been created as an example of what we have planned for the rest of the database.

Database Version 3.2

Version 3.1

Version 2.2